Brain Injury Treatment Facilities

Survivors of moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries need specialized treatment and rehabilitation services after their condition is stabilized during the initial acute care. Brain injury rehabilitation centers have medical professionals with special training to help TBI patients address their physical, cognitive, communication, and behavioral needs and regain functional skills and independence. This user-friendly interactive map allows brain injury survivors and their loved ones to find the closest brain injury rehabilitation facilities in their geographic area and learn about the types of services provided. Users can also leave reviews of facilities.

Brain Injury Treatment Facilities Map
Statistical Profile of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Who Received Rehabilitation
Statistical Profile
2.2 million

Number of people treated for traumatic brain injuries in emergency rooms and trauma centers each year.

Statistical Profile

The number of people hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries in the United States each year.

Statistical Profile
5.5 million

The number of Americans are that are living with a TBI-related disability.

Gender of Brain Injury Victims


Race of Brain Injury Victims

Leading Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Falls and motor vehicle accidents are the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries,
representing more than half of brain injury-related hospital visits.

Sports Accidents
Physical Assaults
Physical Assaults
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Near Drowning
Being Struck by an Object
Being Struck by an Object
Why We Made The Asset

A serious traumatic brain injury is a devastating injury that can have lifetime effects. Families of TBI survivors often have to make quick decisions about choosing a brain injury rehabilitation facility for the ongoing specialized care their loved one will need in the months ahead. But a quick decision can still be an informed decision if the family has reliable information to consult. Quality care during the rehabilitation phase can help brain injury survivors maximize their recovery and achieve the highest level of function possible based on their injury. Making it easier to find a certified brain injury rehabilitation center is the purpose of this interactive resource.