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City of Bronx, New York (population 1.455 million, Census 2015 estimate) is the only New York City borough primarily on the United States mainland (rather than on an island). It does, however, include several small islands located in the East River and Long Island Sound. Officially, the City of Bronx does not use the word “The” and is known as “City of Bronx”.

The Bronx River, which runs through the Bronx, is the only freshwater river in New York City.

The Bronx contains more acres of parkland than any other borough in New York City. Two of the largest parks in New York City, are located here: Pelham Bay Park (which includes a large man-made public beach called Orchard Beach) and Van Cortlandt Park. Centered in the Bronx, is the Bronx Park. The world-renowned Bronx Zoo / Wildlife Conservation Park, located in the southern part of the park, is the flagship of the largest network of metropolitan zoos in the country. Elaborate natural habitats and exotic creatures comprise award-winning, cutting-edge exhibits featuring over 4,000 animals.

The New York Botanical Garden located in the rolling hills of the northern end, is 250 exquisite acres featuring 50 gardens, (bursting with countless varieties of roses), a huge conservatory with over 11 different natural environments, (humid and tropical to deserts) and the last of the hardwood forest that once covered New York City.

Bronx Museum of the Arts is a major gallery, which prides itself on supporting emerging artists. The Artist in the Marketplace program was founded by the Bronx Museum.

The west Bronx’s terrain is hilly, while east Bronx is considerably flatter, and the street layout tends to be more regular. Major north-south thoroughfares run between Manhattan and the Bronx, while several major expressways and highways traverse the Bronx. And many bridges and tunnels connect the Bronx to Manhattan and Queens. No less than six lines of the New York City Subway serve the Bronx, and two Metro-North Railroad commuter rail lines supply 12 stations.

Yankee Stadium (built 1923) is home to the famed Yankees baseball team. The first stadium in America and baseball’s first triple-decked structure is often called “The House that Ruth Built” as Babe Ruth’s popularity was an important factor in justifying the new stadium.

The Bronx includes many old historical neighborhoods, and a variety of ethnic cuisines. Southern Italian cuisine near Belmont’s hub is a bit more formal, while favorites offering sandwiches, pastries or café fare are more casual. The Bronx boasts a tough reputation for such a beautiful borough. It is the birth place of Hip Hop music.

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