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Our personal injury lawyers have a track record of helping clients receive the compensation they are entitled to following a devastating accident. Turn to our experienced accident attorneys for help with a range of personal injury claims, including car accidents and truck accidents. Do not delay — call now for legal help throughout New Jersey and New York City.


Client Testimonials

"When I met with Garry in my hospital room the day after the accident I knew I was in good hands. They did a lot of work for me, they really went above and beyond my expectations." — Michael C.

"I got into a car accident and I didn't know what to do or where to go. The team was very good and on top of everything and very efficient. I was very satisfied with their services and how responsive they were. I would definitely in the future recommend them to anybody who needed their services." — Tanisha R.

"After my car accident, I had a lot of injuries. They were very comforting, helped me get through it and they were very professional. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone that needs representation for any type of car accident injury or personal injury." — Kaitlyn O.

"An older woman had jumped the curb and I was crushed between the cart bay and her bumper. Davis, Saperstein & Salomon are a great group, and they know what they are doing. They have got a lot of experience, and they work really well as a team. I would highly recommend them for anyone who has been in an accident or needs a lawyer. I can't say enough about them." — Ruth F.

"I was involved in an accident. They did a tremendous job and I am very satisfied with the way I was treated." — Gabriel R.

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