Do previous driving accidents or insurance settlements affect your chances of collecting compensation in a car accident lawsuit?

Generally not. In fact, the law in New Jersey specifically allows for compensation for a pre-existing injury or medical condition which may have been aggravated by the accident. As a matter of fact, this is exactly the explanation of the law that is read to a jury by the judge before they begin their deliberations.

You can be sure, though, that insurance company investigators will delve into your driving record and look at any insurance claims you have made. The insurance industry keeps records of all your past claims. They’ll try to use this information to discount your claim, if possible. Inform your lawyers of any past accidents and any past claims. Your attorney needs to be aware of this information to negotiate effectively on your behalf. Also inform your lawyer of any past bankruptcies or contemplated bankruptcies, unpaid child support, divorces and past criminal convictions. Your conversations with your attorney are confidential.

A previous insurance settlement or car accident that was your fault in no way prevents you from bringing a successful personal injury claim for an automobile accident caused by another driver. But your attorney needs to have this information at hand and be prepared to respond to it if an insurance company brings it up as part of auto accident settlement negotiations.

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