How long do I have to be out of work before I am eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

If you miss a week of work because of your job-related injury, you should be able to obtain temporary disability benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. You may qualify for other benefits regardless of work time lost.

In New Jersey, an injured worker must be unable to work for seven days (including weekends and holidays) before being eligible for temporary disability benefits. The benefits are then retroactive to the date of the injury. The days of missed work do not have to be consecutive.

It typically takes two weeks to begin to receive temporary disability benefits. Your employer may delay your claim for an unreasonably long time (more than 30 days). If so, the employer may need to pay an additional 25 percent of the amount it owes to you.

There is no minimum out-of-work time necessary to receive medical benefits. You should be able to make a claim and receive these payments regardless of how long you were out of work for your injury.