I slipped and fell on an icy store sidewalk. Can I file a lawsuit against the store owner?

Icy sidewalks and snow and ice-covered parking lots often present treacherous footing during winter months in New Jersey. Property owners are required by state and local laws to remove snow within a certain period of time after a snowfall. When storeowners do not spread sand and salt on the sidewalk in front of their store, or clear away any ice created by thawing and re-freezing, they may be accountable for injuries when customers, passersby or employees slip and fall. The injured person may claim compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and other costs of the accident.

Slip and falls are often caused by underlying property defects such as loose steps, a pothole or buckled pavement that increase the likelihood of a fall. If you have been injured in a slip and fall on ice and snow, you should talk to an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer. Be aware that not every New Jersey or New York accident attorney brings the same depth of experience to each client’s case.

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