My employer claims I am not entitled to workers’ compensation insurance. Is there anything I can do about this?

Disputes about workers’ compensation claims are not uncommon. Your employer has incentive to dispute your claim for benefits.

Employers pay for workers’ compensation claims through insurance policies. Payouts result in higher premiums. So, a smaller payout is less expensive for your employer in the long run.

Sometimes, an employer will deny an employee’s injury or illness was work-related. Disputes may also arise about the type of medical care the employee should receive. The employer may argue for the employee to return to work faster so disability benefits will end.

When there is a dispute about entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits, the New Jersey’s Division of Workers’ Compensation provides an impartial forum to mediate and, if necessary, make a judicial decision about the worker’s eligibility for benefits.

Your employer’s insurance company will most likely provide a lawyer to argue against your claim and defend your employer’s (and the insurer’s) financial interests. You should hire an experienced NJ workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your interests.