Should I Get an Attorney After a New Jersey Car Accident?

Contacting an attorney is the smart decision whenever you are involved in a car accident, whether the crash was a fender bender or resulted in significant injury. Insurance companies will scrutinize everything you say and do to find a reason to deny you coverage. Additionally, you may not realize the complete value of your claim. A skilled personal injury attorney has the experience to be sure all your losses are taken into account.

After an accident, your focus should be on healing from your injuries and getting back to your routine. Hiring the right attorney takes the weight off your shoulders. Your attorney can:

  • Help you understand your police report, including the relevant auto insurance codes that indicate which insurance companies you’ll be in communication with
  • Communicate with your insurance company, the other driver’s insurer, and anyone else requesting information about the claim
  • Gather evidence and talk to witnesses
  • Represent you in settlement negotiations
  • Fight for maximum compensation in court