Should the police be called to investigate an automobile accident?

In New Jersey, you are required to file a police report if the property damage is $500 or more. If the accident occurred on an interstate in New Jersey, the New Jersey State Police will investigate the accident. If the crash occurs on a county road, the county police or local township police will most likely respond. Don’t let an at-fault driver convince you not to call the police or involve insurance companies. The at-fault driver may be upset about the prospect of rising insurance rates or traffic citations. But your primary concern should be to protect your interests after an automobile accident. Summon the police to the scene and wait for them to arrive. Exchange names, addresses and insurance information with the other drivers while you’re waiting. Copy the information yourself directly from their license and take a photo if your phone has a camera. Avoid small talk and do not discuss your injuries with the at-fault driver. Do not minimize your injuries or tell anecdotes about your own driving mishaps to make the at-fault driver feel better. Such well-intentioned small talk can come back to haunt you. Again, your concern after an accident is to protect your own interests and legal rights. Be sure to write down the name of the police officer, their badge number and the law enforcement agency they represent.

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