What is an affidavit of merit?

It’s not in the public interest for a New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer to file frivolous lawsuits against doctors and hospitals. To prevent that, New Jersey requires a NJ medical malpractice attorney to get a doctor or medical expert to attest to the validity of the claim within 60 days of the filing.

A New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer must obtain an affidavit of merit from a similar physician spelling out the deviation from the accepted standard of care that constitutes the medical malpractice. An affidavit of merit serves as a check on frivolous lawsuits.

The importance of obtaining this affidavit should not be underestimated. Although it may sound simple, an affidavit of merit may be difficult or impossible to obtain. Quite often, fellow physicians and surgeons are not willing to participate in a case where someone decides to sue a doctor. Often, a New Jersey lawyer will find it necessary to look for his expert witnesses in other states such as New York or Pennsylvania. These medical malpractice expert witnesses can be very expensive, and they will get paid even if they find no deviation from medical standards.

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