RTV Accidents

New Jersey RTV accidents occur when drivers lack experience or when they drive recklessly.

Yamaha Rhino RTV Accidents

Yamaha Rhino ATV contains multiple design flaws rendering it dangerously unstable and unduly prone to tipping and rolling over, even when driven at slow speeds on flat surfaces. These defects include a top-heavy design resulting in a high center of gravity, and a dangerously narrow track width.

Despite hundreds of Rhino rollover accidents, there has been no formal recall of the vehicle by Yamaha. Instead, in August 2007, Yamaha announced that it would install half-doors and a passenger handhold for Rhinos manufactured from 2004 through 2007. For the 2008 Rhino, Yamaha has added half-doors and a handhold as standard equipment.

Yamaha has made no design changes to improve the stability or handling of the Rhino. Yamaha has neither acknowledged nor addressed the Rhino’s core stability problems. Tip overs and terrible accidents will continue to occur so long as the stability problems are not fixed.

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