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Tractor trailers are the largest vehicles on Teaneck roads and highways and require special training to handle. Even routine driving maneuvers such as changing lanes and making turns are far more complicated for semi-trailers and other large trucks. If a commercial truck driver is fatigued, distracted, or driving too fast for traffic conditions, a serious truck accident can occur. Because of the size and weight difference between trucks and cars, the people in the smaller vehicles involved in truck accidents typically suffer the more serious.

Our Teaneck truck accident attorneys are ready to fight for you to receive maximum compensation if you have been harmed by a truck driver’s carelessness or negligence. Our law firm’s national headquarters is in Teaneck at 375 Cedar Lane— at the intersection of Cedar Lane and Palisade Avenue. The founding partners at Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C. have strong ties to the Teaneck area and are active in the community. They attended local high schools and chose to return to the area after graduating from law school to serve the people of Teaneck. The law office is handicapped accessible with an elevator, double entry doors to attorney offices and a fully covered parking lot.

If you or your loved one has been harmed in a truck accident in Teaneck, N.J., Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. is ready to help. Let us provide a free claim review and guidance about your legal options. Contact us at 1-800-LAW-2000 or use our online contact form to schedule a claim review at our Teaneck office. If your injuries limit your mobility and you are unable to come to our office, we can meet with you at your home, hospital or another location convenient to you.

Seeking Compensation After a Teaneck Truck Accident

If you are in a collision with a large truck, you may have several options for seeking compensation.

New Jersey requires motorists to have Personal Injury Protection insurance, which covers the medical expenses for you and others listed on your policy, up to the limits of your PIP coverage. This type of insurance is sometimes called “no fault insurance” because it covers your medical bills regardless of whether you were at fault or someone else. Most New Jersey drivers have $250,000 worth of PIP to cover medical treatment you receive from doctors, hospitals and other health care providers.

If a truck driver caused the accident, you may bring an injury claim against the truck driver and trucking company for your economic damages, such as lost wages if you are unable to work.

Depending on whether you selected the Unlimited Right to Sue option, you also may be able to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault truck driver and trucking company for pain and suffering.

Some people accept the limited right to sue to save money upfront on insurance premiums. However, agreeing to this also limits your right to sue for pain and suffering. The accident victim cannot sue for pain and suffering unless he or she sustains one of the following types of injuries:

  • loss of a body part
  • significant disfigurement or scarring
  • a displaced fracture
  • a permanent injury that will prevent the body part or organ from functioning normally
  • loss of a fetus
  • death.

Keep in mind that your medical expenses and some economic losses will be paid up to the limits of your PIP coverage.

Our compassionate attorneys at Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. can help you evaluate your options for claiming compensation after a truck accident. You’ll come away from a consultation with an attorney with a clearer understanding of whether you have a valid lawsuit against a trucking company. It’s free and there is no obligation.

Our experienced attorneys have represented people injured in many types of truck accidents including 18-wheeler accident, semi-truck accidents, dump truck accidents, garbage truck and other accidents involving large commercial vehicles.

How Our Teaneck Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

You may have handled an insurance claim after an accident involving damage to your car, without an attorney. But crashes involving semis and tractor trailers are more complicated because of the potential for multiple parties to be liable and multiple insurance companies to be involved. The stakes are higher. Commercial trucking companies are required to carry larger amounts of insurance coverage because the injuries in large trucks tend to be more severe.

Those potentially at-fault may include any of the following: the truck driver, the trucking commercial, the trailer owner, the shipping company that loaded the freight, and the manufacturer of defective truck parts such as brakes or tires. Our legal team will conduct a detailed investigation of how the truck accident occurred and identify all the potentially at-fault parties.

We will review your injuries and the present and future costs of the accident to you, including your medical expenses, your lost wages and other losses. We will contact the appropriate insurance companies representing the trucking company and other responsible parties and demand full compensation for your losses.

Our truck accident lawyers are skilled negotiators and are successful in settling most Teaneck truck accident lawsuits without a trial. But if the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement, we don’t walk away from a fight. Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. has highly accomplished trial attorneys and we will pursue justice in court for our clients, if necessary.

Insurance companies are more willing to reach a settlement with us because of our strong reputation as truck accident trial lawyers. We have a record of success at the negotiating table and in the courtroom and have recovered more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements for clients. Based on our extensive work representing people injured in commercial truck accidents, our law firm is a member of the National Trial Lawyers Top 10 Trucking Trial Lawyers, an invitation only organization.

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