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A Bulldog is Born

On September 16, 2013 Partner Samuel L. Davis donated a bronze bulldog statue that he commissioned for his Alma Mater, the Dwight-Englewood School in Englewood, New Jersey. The school’s opening ceremony honored the bronze bulldog which is none other than the school’s beloved mascot. The enormous statue resides in the center of campus for all students, faculty and staff to enjoy.

4-Copy-241x300Sam Davis is a 1970 graduate of the school, previously known as the Englewood School for Boys. He commissioned Branly Cadet to sculpt a gigantic bulldog made from bronze. An example of Cadet’s work can be found on West 125th street in New York, NY where his bronze sculpture of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. greets those in the plaza of the State Office Building.

Davis fondly recalls wrestling for Coach Carlos Enriguez and his bulldog who would patrol the edges of the wrestling mat and leave a slobber trail as he greeted excited fans. The bronze bulldog serves as a reminder of the school’s values and characteristics while creating new traditions. For example, students now gather around the bulldog before a big game and rub the bulldog’s paw for good luck before an exam. The bulldog is a welcomed edition to the Dwight-Englewood School community which Sam Davis and his family hold close to their hearts.

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