What if I don’t like the doctor my company’s workers’ comp insurance carrier has sent me to?

Unfortunately, there is little you can do about seeing your employer’s or insurance carrier’s chosen doctor. But, you are not totally stuck with that doctor.

Under New Jersey law, the employer has the legal authority to choose the health care providers for an injured worker who is making a workers’ compensation claim. You must see this provider as directed and follow their instructions, or you could jeopardize your claim.

You can still see another doctor of your own choice. This may be of comfort to you if you have a family doctor or someone you normally see. Getting a second opinion is also an option if the physician your employer sends you to provides a diagnosis that you disagree with.

For example, the insurer’s doctor may release you to return to work before you or your doctor think you are ready.

With a second doctor’s opinion, you could dispute a release to return to work, which would end your temporary disability payments for lost salary or wages.

If the employer refuses to provide medical services necessary to treat your injury or disease, you could seek a court order forcing the employer to pay for benefits. These cases are given priority because of the urgency of receiving medical attention. They are scheduled for a hearing within 30 days of the filing of a motion.