Saving Lives Through Contract for Life

Steven Benvenisti has created and trademarked the Contract for Life for young people to sign along with their parents to promote driving safety and prevent drunk driving crashes. The purpose of the contract is to save lives.

The terms are simple: the young driver will call his or her parents for a No-Questions-Asked free ride home rather than trying to drive after drinking alcohol or getting a ride home with someone else who has been drinking.

The contract is a contract of love and trust designed to save lives. The contract acknowledges that the parents still forbid the teen from underage drinking, but acknowledges that teens unfortunately will be teens and do things from time to time that they should not be doing such as drinking alcohol with other teenagers.

In exchange for the young person’s good judgment in requesting a ride home, the contract specifies that the parents will commit not to ask questions or hassle their young driver or their child’s friends for drinking alcohol that evening. The Contract for Life demonstrates that the safety of the teen and others is always a priority for a parent and when a teen may be in danger they should always be able to call a parent to protect them.

Fill up the contract now, read it, discuss it and sign it.

Contract for Life

THIS AGREEMENT IS A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT made on this day of in the year 20 by and between the undersigned individual, hereinafter reffered to as the PARENT(S);

WHEREAS, the TEENAGER is a normal, healthy teen who unfortunately will from time to time, do things he or she should not be doing, such as drinking alcohol with other teenagers; and

WHEREAS, the PARENT(S) do not accept this type of behavior and strongly forbit the TEENAGER from engaging in underage drinking and/or the use of illegal drugs; and

WHEREAS, this Agreement shall not be contrued to constitute acceptance or permission for the TEENAGER to engage in such behavior; nor shall it be construed to give express or implied permission by the PARENT(S) to engage in such activity; and

WHEREAS, the PARENT(S) love and cherish their child and desire to see no harm come to them, no matter what the circumstances;


NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the love between the PARENT(S) and the TEENAGER, is it agreed as follows:

1. In the event that the TEENAGER drinks alcohol it is agreed that the TEENAGER will not operate a motor vehicle and will not to get a ride from anyone who has consumed alcohol; and hereby further promises to call his or her PARENT(S) for a “No Questions Asked” free ride for the TEENAGER and his or her friends.

2. the PARENT(S) agree to pick up the TEENAGER and their FRIENDS without any “hassle” and shall not ask any questions of them or of their friends regarding their behavior that evening.

3. PARENT(S) agree not to punish or hassle the TEENAGER or their friends for drinking; but rather recognize their good judgement for conducting themselves responsibly by calling PARENT(S) for a safe ride home.

4. TEENAGER agrees to wear his or her seat belt while in a car and shall require all passengers within his or her car to wear a seatbelt.

In witness Whereof the parties hereto have affixed their signatures below: