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Awesome presentation!!! Excellent presentation!!! Fabulous presentation

Motivational & educational


Wonderful way to start the conference

So moving. What a miracle.

Blown away!

I was totally blown away—what a wonderful tribute to rehab


An AMAZING speech! So inspirational & relevant!

He was a wonderful speaker!

Most profound inspirational speaker

Very passionate

The most dynamic speaker! And with a sense of humor too!

A heartbroken (sic) lived experience. Fantastic narrator. A Living Miracle! Inspirational Gift of God!

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. The patients and family were very touched with your talk.

My staff talked about your presentation for the rest of the week. It made a big impression.

Overwhelmed Positive. Wow!! I was inspired. Thank you.

He was a wonderful speaker!

Very inspiring!

Awesome speaker!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!


The best one yet!

Very touching story. He made me proud to be a rehab nurse

He was very knowledgeable and used his personal experiences to educate the audience

Absolutely Marvelous

Beyond Outstanding – Very Inspiring

Absolutely wonderful! Motivating and engaging – just what a keynote speaker should be!

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story. All your success is your own doing. Take credit where credit is due. It was and is all you!

Awesome Story

One of the best speakers I have ever seen!

What an inspiration! Excellent Speaker

Fantastic Speaker!!


Loved it!

I agree with Mike Dabbs – Wow! I really appreciated a walking, talking, model of Brain Plasticity! Also appreciated his support of rehab.




The best speaker I have EVER seen!

Absolutely Amazing! You need to invite him back (If you please)! Encouraging, edifying, courageous, a wonderful and powerful example of positive thinking, and what the human body is capable of doing! Thank you for inviting him to speak here today! Sally.

Was surprised at his recovering. Least he got the help. A lot of us don’t get that level of care.

By far the best key note I’ve heard at the BIA

I don’t think I was ever so surprised an delighted in a long time as I was to hear and learn of this remarkable man’s journey. Unfortunately not all of our clients, customers, and patients reach such a high level of recovery and success. But his story is a testament to the importance of love, hope and quality of care that are essential in the recovery from bran trauma(or any other trauma)

Great Presentation

Very good.

Very motivational. Wish all my patients could have heard him.

Awe – Inspiring presentation.

Excellent and very inspiring story! He would be an excellent speaker in the future and clients could benefit from hearing his story.

Best presentation in many years. Very impressive.


Excellent – Very interesting

excellent! Excellent! Excellent!!! Very uplifting

The speaker was amazing!

AMAZING!!! No words to describe what a great speaker and an amazing motivational influence!


This was excellent! I had chills.

Unbelievable, inspirational, amazing. There really aren’t words to describe how powerful his story is – outstanding presentation and highly motivational.

The key note speaker was excellent

Awesome! God personalized this message for me. It energized me as a therapist.

Great Session! Very Moving!

Very inspirational

Great Speakers!

Overwhelming. Beautiful story – wonderful acknowledgement of our work.

Incredible story!

Amazing! Inspiring!

Totally Awesome! Amazing and inspirational.

Decide what kind of day you’ll have and don’t give up.

You are a good story teller! My only suggestion is I would have used power colors in wardrobe (red, White, Blue) Great presentation! The best one I have ever heard at a BIA Conference!! Humor was good A+++

Wow! He did an amazing job. I would like to see him speak again

Excellent motivation for professionals and survivors!! A true blessing to hear him.

Wonderful presentation!!! The best keynote the BIA conference has had.

Amazing, wonderful story

Very good! More speakers like this are needed for keynote!

Outstanding – the best of all presentations

Excellent! What an amazing story!

Great Speakers!

Very well done, highly moving, so well put!


Can we get this on DVD and give it to discouraged pts!

Best presentation I have seen in a long time!!

Good details surrounding accident and family. Nice presentation of emotions experienced. Very moving.

Excellent! Inspiring! Sounds like a good movie!

This was very impressive and one of the best keynotes ever.

Wow! You are what its all about. I also serve in a “dual role” both survivor and prof. you were lucky to have the blank CK – please continue to advocate. I had it to do on my own with the help of my husband and son.



This was the most emotional session I have ever attended!

Extremely powerful presentation excellent storyteller, very relate-able, AMAZING!

Wonderful Speaker!

Wonderful presentation.

Excellent Speaker.

Amazing!! What an inspirational gentleman!

A truly moving and amazing life story of injury and recovery.

I enjoyed his talk.


Extremely inspiring story!! Very great speaker and story to have at the BIA!

Great speaker, great story, great motivation to continue providing survivors to BI survivors and other persons with disabilities.

Excellent presentation!

Wonderful speech! Inspiring and moving, great key note speech.

Very informative. I enjoyed listening

Wow – what an amazing story!

WOW! Would have given more of a score but only could give 5 overall.


Very impressed, wonderful, touching story. I appreciated a real story.

Great speaker!

Amazing speaker!


Very motivational and inspiring.

There are no words to express the impact of this presentation.

Inspirational Speaker

Exceptional speaker! Very compelling and motivating.

Very engaging speaker. Great Story. Gives a lot of hope to survivors!

Very nice opening speaker – good choice inspirational for health care, patients, and their families.

Excellent keynote speaker! The best so far!

You knocked it out of the field – More like this every year please.

Amazing! Thank you for sharing your story.

Excellent story!! Excellent speaker, great start to the day!

Great case.

What a great speaker with relevant info.


Great speaker!! Like Forest Gump; he spoke very well yet I never knew what the next scene of the set was but enjoyed it immensely. Standing ovation!

Amazing story!! Extremely inspiring

Great feedback also from people in the hallways.

This speaker was excellent. He set the tone for the entire conference.


Excellent presentation! – best of the conference!

Excellent presentation, very moving!

He was a great speaker with an amazing story however, he is not typical of who we see in our day to day practice. His thought on remaining positive and positive thoughts was great.

This gentleman blew me away! Need more of this talk for Keynote both days! Proud that he represents HI community. Lives it everyday.


Best keynote I have heard in my 40 years of professional activity.

Awesome speaker!!!

Totally Awesome!

Very motivational

Very inspirational, motivating and encouraging. Enjoyed!

Very intense story well told. However, as a SW- if there was someone in the room dealing with PTSD & TBI – this could be a trigger for a panic episode – so I feel this may have not been appropriate for that group. Otherwise awesome speaker.

Very good presentation. Very good message for everyone.

This presentation was excellent! Very touching!

Great Speaker!


This speaker was excellent and inspiring!!

Very Inspiring

Riveting, extremely inspirational

Excellent, profound!

Excellent keynote. Very motivational.

Excellent!! The best keynote speaker in the past 8 years!!

Great Speaker!

Congratulations – you are truly an inspiration & make me realize how significant my care giving is.

Thank you for sharing your story. I am a provider and not only are you inspiring for TBI patients, but myself as well. Again, thank you for taking the time to come to Michigan.


Excellent – very inspiring!!


He delivered the most encouraging, inspiring and hopeful message I have ever heard in my lifetime – and I will never forget it. Thank you.

Very engaging speaker

I loved the keynote speaker – just great

Steven did a wonderful job

Great!!! What a surprise!

Thank you for sharing your story. It make me proud to do what I do!

Excellent! Knows how to hold an audiences attention – great speaker!

The best way to teach. Excellent!!

Excellent speaker. However, he is the rare exception for severe TBI. He was motivational and inspirational.

The best speaker ever

What an inspiration for everyone one of the best speakers I have heard.

Wonderful speaker and story!!

Excellent story & presentation, great speaker! Emphasis on psychological, physical, spiritual and vocation recovery – fulfilled all expectations.

Healthcare professionals play a significant role. Previous social hx. Is significant. Great description/examples re: emotional impact on family. The story was about him one moment at a time. Maintain balance – secret to success: happiness – your thoughts control your emotions. You can control your thoughts. Your can control your emotions.

Excellent speaker!

A very striking story, told well. Unfortunately the connection to this conference and the impact on family etc. had to be rushed in the end due to time constraints


Excellent – much better than yesterday!

Absolutely the best!!

A “10” not a “5”! SUPERB!

Very motivating speaker – truly a miracle!


This was the best keynote I have ever heard in my entire life. Thank you.

Keynote speaker was great! Loved it!

Excellent keynote speaker!

Incredible speaker, touching, a true miracle a story that should be shared more.

An outstanding story and truly inspirational

Very inspirational and appealing story.

“Wow” was right!

Excellent Presenter! Very energetic and entertaining.

Phenomenal. It was a privilege to hear him speak. Thanks for inviting him.

Excellent presentation – Positive: inspiring message

Thank you so much for inviting Steven to speak. Thank you Steven for speaking to us. Best keynote speaker I have heard in years! Thank you!

Excellent. Engaging – Inspirational. Spoke to all – pros & survivors & families. How generous to decline $ honorarium awesome. Thanks.

Delightful & inspirational

Great speaker, very inspiring redefines HOPE!!!

Excellent speaker

The BEST!!

The best keynote speaker the BIA has ever had. Charismatic, charming, down to earth, and humble man 6+ all the way through!

Excellent public speaking and addressed all the different populations in the audience.

Excellent – one of best keynote speakers!


Listening to Steven made me feel so emotional and joyful at the same time! I have always tried to “make a difference” in my patients recovery and he reinforced that we do, as nurses and therapists. He helped me strengthen my conviction to assisting our patients to reach their best potential. He reinforced how proud I am to have the privilege of working and help our patients lead productive lives!! He was so inspirational for the survivors in the audience as well!!

Wow! Very enlightening!


He did a phenomenal job w/keynote speech

Wow, amazing presentation. I hung on every word.

Beautiful story, very appropriate for the audience, inspirational photos

What an awesome motivated person

Incredible story! You don’t have to be a TBI survivor to get motivated by Steven’s story!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your story. Very inspirational and motivating to professionals working with our clients with brain injury

Inspiring, energetic and engaging. Wonderful presentation. Thank you!

Best speaker I’ve heard in years. Very memorable!

Steven was excellent!! What a miracle he is and an inspiration to TBI survivors.

I was very impressed by the presentation

Articulated excellent story of his own brain injury and recovery.

Truly awesome!!

What a story! He was an amazing speaker – the BEST I have ever seen and one I will never forget!

Great way to get the morning started. Speaker was encouraging and I enjoyed listening to his story.

Wow! Thank you!!


Did a nice job boosting providers’ feelings skills for the treatment provided. Very motivational and encouraging

Excellent keynote!

Incredibly moving and helpful professionally

Top notch! Thank you!

Incredible! Words can’t describe.

Excellent speaker. I would rather have motivational type speakers for both days instead of more technical speakers.


Steven was a very dynamic, passionate and motivating speaker. His life experience was very inspiring. This is the type of keynote that everyone could relate to.

His story is why I do what I do for a living.

Very interesting

Absolutely fabulous!!! Would like to have a video/tape of speaker for new employees to TBI

This was the best speaker and he made the most impact. I will never forget him. I want this on CD to use as a training tool for new employees.


Very interesting personal story, more emotional than educational.

Massage therapists are also part of the rehabilitation team. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve never heard a more inspirational story. I look at my own situation much differently now!!

Very motivating – excellent speaker! Amazing!



He did a quality job of going over pertinent points of his topic and leaving us with a positive perspective!

Best ever! So inspiring! You are a superb speaker!!

What qualifications! I had no clue to the “surprise” of presentation/presenter. What a wonderful continuing gift to other brain injured persons & their families

Loved It. Just Wonderful!!

Great speaker

Best ever!!

Excellent, very inspiring man and life and speech

Just fantastic and inspirational. This is a “story” I can share with clients to give them hope.

So inspiring and great plug for BIA

This was truly an amazing presentation!! Steven Benvenisti is to be commended for his determination and will to live.

He presented his story in a way that the audience felt personally connected to the “young man,” and offered a very relevant and realistic snapshot of what an individual with similar injuries has, and is going through. As a TBI survivor and individual who works in the rehab industry, this was the best presentation I have ever sat through.

The best speaker I’ve ever heard at a conference!

Fantastic! So encouraging and positive!

This was by far the most intriguing, captivating and motivating, reassuring & moving (literally in every way) presentation/story of one’s life I have ever had the privilege of hearing. Thank you for sharing your story of success! I will carry this message into my personal and professional life. God Bless You and Your message!

The very best – have him again!

Very inspirational – as an occupational therapist it made me feel good to know that pushing small goals and the concept of a step at a time is the key.

Amazing! Such a great way to start the day.

Awesome – I wish all keynotes were just like him. It was a great way to start the day.

Truly amazing!!

Very inspiring and informative. It helps me to think deeper as a nurse how I can cheer my patients on.

Wonderful speaker and presentation! Very moving and motivational! Thank you!

Fabulous presenter! Captured and maintained audience attention. Reminds us of how what we do does make a difference – powerful motivation.


Best keynote speaker I’ve heard in years I’ve attended the conference! Very inspirational

Articulate, interesting speaker; phenomenal, emotionally moving story – absolutely amazing! This man gave such hope and encouragement to everyone in the audience, from the brain injured to the health care givers.

One of my peers who has been coming since the early conferences from years ago said “In 30 years that is the best keynote I’ve heard.”

Steven Benvenisti was an amazing and inspirational speaker not only as a professional, but as a person that has overcome so many TBI challenges. Very moving & thoughtful.

Very moving and motivational story


Very emotional and powerful.

Wow! Completely took us by surprise! What a story!

Emotional and inspiring

Impressive recovery

Excellent, moving best of the conference – motivating

Very good. Powerful perspective/topic not presented before will remember.

Wow – amazing story of courage, strength, perseverance and faith. So inspiring.

Amazing! Excellent speaker & inspiring story – Great way to start day 2!

Excellent speaker, more appropriate topic for keynote

Excellent speaker. Excellent audience engagement very inspiring to clinicians, caregivers and survivors alike.

Very moving and inspirational! 5+ on scale all categories. Please post the video on BIA website for people to view that missed it.

Riveting presentation! A great inspirational story which included very useful tips for caregivers and family members

Powerful, heartfelt presentation.

Great! Wow!

Very amazing story!

A very amazing story and so much wisdom.

Thoroughly enjoyed this talk. It is so rare health care workers get to see outcomes from specific patient situations years down the road. This was nicely presented.

What a great story and even greater shock to learn he is the college student in the story. It is so great to see a person can make such an amazing recovery from such a devastating injury. These are stories we as healthcare providers need to hear to help us encourage our patients. There is always hope!

Nice to have someone giving hope after a TBI, something we don’t always see.

Inspirational testimony for enduring hope, optimism, perseverance, and the importance of caring.

This session was very good. It was truly a surprise to find out that it was Steven Benvenisti’s story. Interesting what he had to go through and his success.

Very good speaker; powerful story.


Great speaker; totally didn’t see it coming that he was the patient he was talking about. Very engaging. Thank you!

Was great and would recommend this session.

This was a great presentation! Such an amazing story!

Very thought provoking.

This was a truly inspiring talk that all professionals working with brain injured patients should hear.

I enjoyed Steve very much.

It left me in tears.

This is the second time I have heard this presentation. It is a great story

Started off the conference in a very positive manner. Excellent speaker with inspiring message to all!

Speaker was very motivating.

Exceptional story

A truly remarkable story.

Excellent speaker! He was very inspiring and I am looking forward to reading his book.

Really enjoyed the speaker!

Awesome to see the recovered man.

Great speaker.

Loved it! Thank you for the book!

He spoke a bit like an anchor person on a TV news program.

Kept me focused and entertained.

Knowledgeable and excellent presentation.

What a miracle. Thanks so much for sharing your story!

Very moving story. It showed the success of determination and work of his medical personnel.

What a miracle! Hope endures. This proves that we know so little about brain recovery and why some do so well and others do not!


Amazing; what an inspiration! Wish I would have gotten a copy of his book.

Mr. Benvenisti was so inspirational and open-minded to those with and without brain injury. I loved hearing about his key to success.

Very inspiring!


Great speaker. An inspiring story of recovery.

His recovery was amazing!


I really liked his story about his past experiences.

What an incredible story! So proud to have heard him speak.

Excellent presenter!

Was great!

Very inspiring, excellent speaker.

What a motivating and captivating speaker! Loved it!

Absolutely amazing speaker. This was my favorite part of the conference.

I was very moved and motivated by this speaker.

Excellent talk.

Excellent speaker/presentation

Very impactful presentation

Very inspiring!

Excellent Presentation! (3)

Info very well presented and extraordinary story

Overall excellent part of the day!

Excellent, a walking testimony!


Amazing story!

Very motivational

Excellent presenter!

Formula for success very meaningful!

It was a great case and very well put together

Incredible story; so pleased that he used his experience with TBI to help others.

Fantastic presentation!

Awesome! Inspirational & educational!


His presentation kept my interest from the moment it started to see how far he came and what challenges he overcame, after such a

traumatic experience was inspiring and I’m so glad he was here to speak and share his amazing story

Excellent & inspiring


Very inspirational, amazing and validating about our roles and the impact of encouragement and belief that a person can improve.

Awesome speaker

Loved this presentation! More specific examples of how nurse/rehab professionals gave HOPE, provided motivation characteristics of those people,

ever so important to be reinforced in talks like yours!

Wow! What a personal story! Very impressive outcome!

Awesome speaker, well presented, almost made me cry! Very inspiring!

Excellent presentation

So inspiring!

Thank you! Special person!



Hopeful and inspiring

Great, powerful

I was inspired, as I imagine everyone in the room was, with your talk. But I was incredibly jealous, too. Unlike you, I haven’t had and don’t

envision a full recovery. But I am determined to rise every day, act as independently as I can, improve if I can, and, I hope, contribute in some way

to the world in which we live.

While you encourage us to thank those who have helped us along the way, I wish to thank you for your message, and hope that you continue to educate as many as you can

about the good work that the health professionals do and the hard work that the injured do. You are a tremendous inspirational speaker. A true advocate for healthcare professionals.

Absolutely fantastic. Critical information for everyone, not just professionals

Absolutely incredible and inspiring

Absolutely one of the best keynote address I have ever heard. Outstanding!

Amazing human being. Thank you.

Absolutely phenomenol speaker.

An amazingly articulate man with the knowledge that he is making the most of the second chance for a life. Bravo!

Attorney Benvenisti was a remarkable presenter on such a personal case.

Awesome presentation, great storyteller.

Awesome speaker. Powerful story that I’m sure had the entire audience engaged. It brought up some emotions and I became tearful regarding this keynote address. Very powerful speaker with this personal story.

Captivating speaker, surprise ‘story.’

Clear, easy to hear and understand. Unusual presentation, very effective. Good tie-in to nursing.

Congratulations on your recovery. It makes our work so rewarding as nurses to see such a success!

Dynamic, wonderful.

Engaging, dynamic speaker.

Excellent and motivating.

Excellent choice as a speaker. Nurses need to hear positive outcome stories and especially nurses who had a child who was a traumatic brain injury victim. Thank you. Keep up your good work with the Brain Injury Association and as a representative who has had this experience, your voice is one that cannot be ignored.

Excellent speaker, very inspiring.

Excellent speaker, very motivational.

Excellent speaker. Different perspective.

Excellent speaker. I am going to recommend him for my other professional organization.

Absolutely Fantastic

Reminds those with or without a disability that they have a sense of purpose and the importance of focusing on this for recovery purposes

Excellent surprise


Excellent speaker

Excellent presentation


Wonderful presentation


Amazing and inspirational

Awesome story



Very good.

Very inspirational.

Excellent, emotional.

Excellent, made the trip worthwhile.

Excellent, moving. Thank you.

Excellent, very intense and inspiring.

Excellent, will change how I review cases.


Good addition to course.

Good motivational speaker.

Great and effective story teller.

Great impact speaker.

Great motivational speaker! Puts life in perspective.

Great presentation.

Great presenter and wonderful session content.

Great speakers, inspirational.

Great visuals and the story he told is riveting. Thank you.

He is an inspiration.

He was fantastic, what a great story. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope I never have to experience what his family and he went through. So glad he pushed himself and is where he is now.

I got chills when he told us it was he who suffered the TBI.

Made me cry!

Making the injuries visible.

Many personal insights about the nature of personal injury and the depth of injury to the client and family. On a daily and hourly level, how fear and trauma to self esteem and self competence has to be rehabbed as well as physical injury. Very powerful! Can’t wait for the movie.


Mr. Benvenisti is a good motivational speaker. I had guessed he was the patient before he admitted it. I enjoyed his presentation.

One of the best ‘stories’ (lectures) I’ve ever heard. Speaks with such conviction, truth, and clarity. Phenomenal, thought-provoking, positive, uplifting.

Outstanding speaker.

Outstanding, absolutely an incredible opening to the conference.

Phenomenal presentation.

Phenomenal presentation; shocking surprise; dynamic, amazing man.

Steven B’s story was incredible, touching and motivating. Great session, thanks.

Such an impact! Speaker was able to tell the story and make each of us feel the pain and suffering and the compassion of the situation.

Such an inspiration, motivation, and a perfect way to start a conference. Truly will remember this keynote address.

The best presentation I could ever imagine.

This presentation was very ‘heavy’ and sad until he stated it was about him. After that the whole mood changed and it was such an uplifting and positive presentation. Powerful!

This was the best possible opening session ever.

Thanks for coming here. Continued success in your future!

Totally amazing and inspiring individual!

Tremendous speaker and story. Great way to begin the conference.

Truly inspiring.

Unbelievable story. Very positive motivation for healthcare.

Very compelling story! Thank you so much!

Very dramatic speaker. Heartwarming story but a lot of talk about the story.

Very impressive as “Opening Statements.”

Very inspirational story so a good beginning speaker.

Very interesting strong/presentation. Very motivational.

Very motivational and inspiring to nurses to continue to care and embrace our importance to patients at all levels. Excellent speaker, how could anyone compare to the heart-felt real emotion and reason he speaks to.

Very moving presentation.

Very uplifting.

What a powerful and touching story. It’s difficult to explain how deeply Steven Benvenisti’s experience has touched all of us. Thank you for your encouragement and support. You and your story will be remembered for a very long time.

What an inspirational speaker, thanks.

What an inspiring story!

Wonderful presentation! What an inspirational and educational session.

Wonderful story and presentation. Good way to start the day.

Wonderful story and speaker.

Wonderful, inspirational.

Words cannot describe the impact of this presentation. Excellent.

Wow, what an inspiring moving story. Thank you, this was an incredible experience.

Additional Comments on Session Content:

Keynote speaker was excellent! Thankful I had the opportunity to hear his story!

The keynote speaker was amazing-he alone would have been worth the trip!

Keynote speaker encouraged me to do my job!


As the mother of a 15 year old boy who got that call from the ER that my son had a head injury, I have followed this path. It’s a horrible journey for parents as well as patients. God bless!


Excellent motivational speaker.


Eye opening experience.

Good ending.

Great opening session.

Having been in a car accident with severe head trauma myself, he explained and relayed the experience well enough to bring me to tears.

Inspiring and insightful.

Loved his appreciation of nurses. Inspiring, uplifting, genuine, truly a gifted speaker. Wow, what a great way to start!

Most inspiring.

Overwhelmingly effective.

There are not enough words to express the emotional insight I have gained from this.

Very inspiring and moving. Excellent choice to have him as a speaker.

Very motivational.

Well said!

Wow, what a phenomenal story.

I had the privilege of hearing you speak at the Brain Injury Association last week and I was absolutely amazed by your story! I am the supervisor of a transitional group home for individuals who just acquired a BI…I would LOVE for the individuals to know here that with determination and hard work, they can defeat all odds.

Thank you so much! You are a true inspiration to many!!!!

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants’ National Educational Conference, “The Most Significant Case of My Entire Life.”. I do not think I need to tell you of the overwhelming emotions your presentation instilled during your speaking engagement, as the audience’s reaction surely is measure of that emotional rollercoaster. As a nurse, all too often I have witnessed scenarios that you and your family had endured at the time of your accident. I have always been a believer that prompt and diligent medical treatment and rehabilitation certainly make a difference, as well as a patient’s and family’s positive attitude, determination and commitment to returning to a previous state of health.

I have retold your story countless times to my own family and friends as words of encouragement. Secondly, through researching on the internet, I found that you have been published: New Jersey Record, Lawyer Makes Telling Case Against D.W.I, New Jersey Lawyer, Man on a Mission and the New York Post. Can I obtain copies of these and any other works that have been published?

Thank you once again for sharing your story with so many others. I wish you and your family continued blessings. With kindest regards,


God Bless you!


Thank you so much for your presentation at our rehabilitation facility. Your presentation was truly an inspiration to our patients and staff. It is so important to continue to offer hopt to those who are still in recovery. Hope is exactly what you shared with us. It was an honor to have you here. Thank you again.

Dear Steven, The words I have to say will not describe how I feel about your presentation you did on Tuesday night.You were absolutely wonderful, inspiring and amazing. Each and everyone totally enjoyed your presentation and the girls are still talking about you in the office. Thank you again so very much and if there is ever anything we can do for you here in the office please don’t ever hesitate to call!

Excellent speaker

Very motivational

Excellent presentation

He is one in a million

Would like to see more speakers like Steve

Mr. Benvenisti was excellent

Was shocked to know that he was the one in the pictures

Very knowledgeable


Outstanding speaker! Excellent choice

Fantastic story

Very inspirational presentation

Phenomenal speaker-inspiring message

You are totally awesome and I plan to use the secret to success: happinesss

Bring him back at least every other year for new attendees

I believe having a fellow survivor doing the keynote is very great

It just made me remember to live each day to the fullest

2012: I live my life moment to moment because of your presentation. I used to sit in the past. I harped on everything I had and lost to the accident. I currently need 3 classes to graduate. When you said you passed the BAR exam and graduated college. I felt like I still had a chance. Some days I just look back on the past and ask myself “what did I do wrong?” when you spoke I walked away with so many answers. I am currently at a neurological rehabilitation center and you made me see that rehabilitation takes time. You claimed that it took you a year to finish rehab. I was at the Brain Injury Conference with my mentor. He is in the study of brain injury. He was astonished when you gave your presentation. He told me “That presentation was worth the drive to Richmond!” I just have to say “Thank You, you have change my life and the way I look at things.”

Absolutely Excellent!! This was easily the best presentation I’ve seen in a long, long time! Just wonderful.

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