Rolling Tire and Wheel-Off Injuries

Tractor trailer truck tires roll off and break apart to cause New Jersey truck accident

One of the most dangerous parts of a large commercial truck is its wheels. Unfortunately, many people are hurt or killed every year when these wheels roll off the truck or tires break apart or come loose. Drivers of other cars are frequently hit by wheels that roll or bounce down the highway and flying pieces of tire that smash through windshields. Tire debris on roads can also cause cars to lose control and crash.

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Rolling Truck Wheel Injuries

Unfortunately, our firm has first-hand experience with tragic rolling wheel accidents. A rolling truck wheel caused the tragic death of our legal secretary, Michele Presbruhi, on August 24, 1996.

Michele, who was 28 at the time, was on her way to work when a wheel “rolled off” of a tractor-trailer. This accident involved an improperly maintained truck. The wheel had overheated. After reaching nearly 2000 degrees, it came loose and went bouncing down the roadway, killing Michele. After years of investigation and litigation against Leaseway and Penske, the case settled before trial.

Attorney Marc C. Saperstein, on behalf of the family, aggressively took on Michele’s wrongful death case with the goal of holding any negligent parties accountable and helping her parents to find answers to the cause of this tragedy.

Please see our video of Mr. Saperstein discussing this case.

If you or a family member has been hurt as a result of a wheel-off accident we will work hard to seek you the justice you deserve.

Loose Tire Injuries

While the threat of an entire wheel coming off of a tractor-trailer is always present, it is far more common for a truck to lose a tire than a whole wheel. Sometimes, tires simply roll off of a wheel. Often, however, they break apart.

When a truck tire breaks apart, it can send tire debris through the air. The tire pieces are dangerous while they are moving and once they come to a rest on the roadway. Flying tire parts can smash windshields and cause drivers to swerve into adjacent lanes. Tire debris on the roadway can also cause swerving, or it can cause a car to lose traction upon contact.

There are many conditions that can cause a truck tire to break or come loose, including:

  • Under-inflation – When there is not enough air in a tire, the tire can become too hot. This causes the blowout.
  • Treadburn – This means that the tread on a tire is burnt or used up. When this happens, friction with the road can cause a tire to overheat and break apart.
  • Tread separation – Even a tire that appears to be in good condition can blow out due to tread separation. This occurs when the metal and rubber inside a tire become disconnected from each other, causing the tire to break apart and scatter over the roadway.
  • Spare tire – Since trucks go through tires so often, it is possible that a truck will be riding on a spare tire. If a spare tire is too old, it could be rotten, leading the tire to break apart and causing you to suffer an injury.

Problems with the wheel or rim can also lead a tire to come loose or blow out.

Liability for Wheel Separation Accidents

There are multiple possible defendants when a truck wheel or truck tire causes an injury on the roads of New York or New Jersey.

These parties include:

  • Truck driver – If he or she failed to inspect or maintain the tires on the truck
  • Truck owner – If the owner is responsible for improper wheel-end maintenance or negligently fails to replace worn tires
  • Tire manufacturer – In some cases, it may be possible to hold a manufacturer liable for a product defect

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