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The Dangers of Defective Car Parts

No matter how safe of a driver you are, you may still be at risk of being involved in a serious and potentially life-altering accident if your vehicle does not perform the way it was intended to. From the tires to the airbags and even the brakes, an automobile is only safe when all of its parts are working individually and also together with each other. Unfortunately, many automobile makers have had to issue recalls on hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the past few years because of automotive defects or malfunctions.

Defective car parts can be much more than a nuisance – they can be deadly. This is especially the case when operating your vehicle at high speeds on a highway or interstate. And while any automobile defect is dangerous, there are some defects that tend to be more serious than others.

Some of the most common and potentially devastating automobile defects include the following:

  • Brakes – When an automobile’s brakes malfunction, the driver may be unable to slow down or stop to avoid an accident
  • Airbags – These safety devices are instrumental in preventing an injury in the event of an accident. In some cases, an airbag may deploy too late or not at all. There have also been cases where airbags deploy even when an accident does not occur
  • Seatbelts – Defective buckles or straps can break or come loose in an accident and fail to protect the driver or a passenger
  • Defective tires – When a tire isn’t properly designed or manufactured it could increase the chance of a dangerous blowout

Unfortunately, far too many motorists have to enlist the services of a car accident lawyer every year to help them take legal action against the parties responsible for producing unsafe vehicle components.

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