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Live Nation Concert Series at American Dream Mall Poses Risks to NJ Residents

Malls in America have an obligation to make sure that their property is safe for customers, patrons and visitors whether they are there to eat at a food court, shop, stroll around or attend a special event such as a concert.

Recent events at New Jersey malls, such a carjacking at Short Hills Mall that resulted in a death, is an example of the mall operator’s responsibility and obligation to keep all customers safe and secure. If they don’t, and someone gets injured, the mall can get sued for having negligent security.

This is especially true when special events can create foreseeable crowd control problems. Lessons learned from past stampede events at concerts must be considered well in advance by mall operators and other large venue’s security department. Failure to provide adequate security is negligence, plain and simple. Unsafe practices in other malls or events serve as warnings to mall operators to beware of things that can go wrong rather quickly and to take preemptive  action to avoid injury to concert ticket holders. You, as a mall patron, deserve to know that the operators and owners of a mall have your safety in mind at all times.

Live Nation Concert Series at American Dream Mall Poses Risks to New Jersey

Live Nation has announced its 2022 concert series at the American Dream mega-mall, with a list of popular artists, an impressive venue, and other experiences planned. However, some have raised concerns over whether the company that has faced multiple lawsuits over alleged safety violations can safely put on the concert series.

As the country still suffers from the tragedy at the November 5th, 2021, Astroworld Festival, the personal injury lawyers at Davis Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. pose the question:

Do the events at American Dream Mall threaten New Jersey’s public safety?

What To Expect at the Live Nation Concert Series at New Jersey’s American Dream Mall

Beginning with rapper and actor Ludacris on May 7, performers will also include DJ and producer duo Two Friends, Japanese rock band Band-Maid, and rappers Sheck Wes, J.I., and Lil Tjay. Along with the performances will be fan-to-artist engagements, pop-up shops, and launch parties.

If you also spend time at the mall, you can experience their theme park, water park, LEGOLAND center, ice rink, and ski hill. There are many other “events” that take place at the American Dream Mall, you can find the schedule here. With the large crowds and potential hazards the events may attract, you should take extra precautions to ensure your safety if you attend.

Live Nation Concert Lawsuits and History

The concert promoter has been in the news recently following the Astroworld Festival that resulted in the death of 10 people and hundreds of injuries. In a letter to Live Nation, members of a congressional committee question whether the “company took adequate steps to ensure the safety of the 50,000 concertgoers who attended Astroworld Festival.”

The current lawsuit against them for the Astroworld Festival has been combined into one case for a single judge, making up nearly 400 lawsuits representing nearly 2,800 victims.

This isn’t the first time Live Nation has been accused of safety violations. The congressional letter explains this “follows a long line of other tragic events and safety violations involving Live Nation.” Their history includes numerous fines and lawsuits “over safety issues at previous events,” including other incidents of stampedes.

A new lawsuit accuses Live Nation of “negligence that contributed to the killing of the rapper Drakeo the Ruler in December at the Once Upon a Time in L.A. festival.”

Potential Risks of Attending the Events at American Dream Mall

Unfortunately, there are several risks of injury when attending any event as large as the concert series at American Dream Mall. Depending on what causes your injury, many parties may be responsible, including the following:

  • The venue
  • Another concertgoer
  • The security company
  • The concert promoter
  • The festival organizer

To pursue a personal injury claim after being injured at a concert or event, you’ll need to prove that:

  • The liable party was responsible for providing you with a certain level of safety.
  • They failed to take the proper precautions.
  • Their negligence caused your injuries.
  • You’ve suffered losses because of your injuries.
  • A skilled personal injury attorney could help you prove these factors and pursue compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

When to Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re injured at the American Dream Mall concert series or any other event, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses. A NJ personal injury lawyer can help you determine the responsible parties, collect evidence to support your case, and file a personal injury claim.

For more questions about your legal rights after an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, contact the experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C.

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