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Multiple Fatalities Blamed on Illegal U-Turn

Sharing the road with large trucks can be unnerving. This is especially true in adverse conditions like bad weather, or—in the case of a recent accident—a lost truck driver.

According to The Times of Trenton, three people were recently killed when their SUV collided with a tractor-trailer. The driver of the big rig is now facing charges for the accident.

The accident happened as the truck was traveling south on Brunswick Pike (Bus. Route 1). The truck driver was lost and made an illegal U-turn from the right lane and turned into the path of the SUV, the newspaper reported.

An entire family was riding in the SUV, on their way to church to celebrate the father’s album release. The mother and two young children—ages 9 and 3.5 months—were killed. The father and 8-year-old daughter were injured.

The SUV became wedged underneath the semi-truck in the collision. Emergency response crews had to stabilize the truck before they could begin extricating the victims. Trenton Battalion Chief Robery Tharp said the SUV was at least three-quarters of the way under the truck. It took several hours to free all of the victims from the wreckage.

Accidents like this one are tragic. When a family loses such a critical number of people, let alone a mother and young children, it’s heartbreaking.

When you share the road with trucks, you always have to be alert for unexpected movements from large trucks. Their visibility is limited because of their size and the load they have behind them. If you’re ever unsure whether a truck driver can see you, err on the side of caution.

Accidents involving large trucks are frequently fatal or result in catastrophic injuries. When they occur, the victims are often entitled to compensation for their injuries. This compensation can go toward medical costs and provide some sense of closure in the wake of a tragedy.

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