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Piscataway Bulldozer Accident Kills Construction Worker

While it isn’t clear what went wrong at a Piscataway construction site on a recent Sunday morning, a worker there was killed while working alone on top of a bulldozer.

According to, 59-year-old Amrik Singh of Deptford was on top of a bulldozer at a construction site on Washington Avenue when the accident occurred. He was apparently trying to repair the dozer when it somehow started, went into gear, and began moving forward.

Captain Scott Cartmell of the Piscataway Police Department says are investigating the accident. Singh was pronounced dead shortly after the accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which investigates workplace accidents that lead to fatalities, is expected to launch an investigation to determine what went wrong, whether any safety rules or laws were violated, and to help ensure similar accidents don’t happen in the future.

If they do determine that an employer is at fault, the company can be sanctioned with fines and more. OSHA’s investigation can also be used if a workplace accident or wrongful death claim is filed to help obtain compensation for the injured worker or to the family of the deceased.

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations. As a construction worker, you face risks of falls, equipment failures, and more every single day. While it’s partially your responsibility to maintain your safety, it’s also the responsibility of your employer.

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