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Sharing the Road with Bicycles, How to Avoid Accidents

Bicycles can be both an effective mode of transportation and a way to have fun on the weekends. From people who earn their living while riding to kids who enjoy spring bike rides, there are many reasons to opt for two-wheels. But no matter why you ride, where you live, or if you prefer to drive, the risk of a bicycle accident is ever-present.

Generally, as the weather warms, we see more bicycles on New York and New Jersey streets. From kids riding around their neighborhoods to messengers speeding in and out of traffic, the presence of bikes increases as the year progresses.

These cyclists have the right to be on the road. If you’re a cyclist, you of course have to be cautious of drivers and make sure you do everything possible to stay safe. If you are a motorist, you have similar responsibilities.

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee offers numerous safety tips on its website SafeNY.

Some of these are specific to bicycles and include things like:

  • Yield to cyclists and give them the right of way.
  • Be considerate–look before you open your door.
  • When passing a cyclist, leave four feet between you.
  • Watch for children, who tend to be unpredictable when riding bicycles.

Drivers must be extra cautious around bicycles to reduce the risk of an accident. Likewise, cyclists must be cautious.

SafeNY offers these tips for cyclists to avoid serious accidents:

  • Ride predictably, in a straight line, and without swerving.
  • Be visible by wearing bright clothing, using reflectors, and wearing a headlamp at night.
  • Wear a helmet that fits properly.
  • Follow all traffic laws.
  • Ride with traffic, on the right side of the road.

Unlike car accidents, in which the occupants are protected to a certain extent, bicycle riders do not have the protection of airbags and are far more likely to suffer a serious injury even when the car is traveling at a low rate of speed. Because the risk of permanent damage or even death is so great, both cyclists and drivers have a responsibility to reduce the chances of a serious accident.

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