Largest Reported NJ Personal Injury Settlement during the Court’s 2022-2023 term

Multimillion Drunk Driving Accident Settlement

An off-duty Jersey City police officer’s Jeep Cherokee struck a family’s car while traveling on the Pulaski Skyway in January of 2007 around 10:30pm. The defendant was extremely intoxicated, with a BAC more than three times the legal limit. His vehicle hit them with such force that it caused his car to climb up the back of the family’s car and flip over. The mother and 2-year-old son were sitting in the backseat of the car while the father drove. The child died from his injuries and the mother was left with severe brain injuries that left her in a coma.

The off-duty police officer pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and is serving an 11-year sentence with a plea agreement stating that there will be no additional charges if the mother dies too. The father sought counsel from Samuel L. Davis to file a lawsuit against the sports venue in New York where the defendant was allegedly overserved while watching a basketball game. The father was awarded a multimillion-dollar settlement. Unfortunately, after three years of being in a coma, his wife died from complications. The identities of the parties and settlement terms are subject to a confidentiality agreement as part of the settlement.