Largest Reported NJ Personal Injury Settlement during the Court’s 2022-2023 term

Passenger Injured After Two-Car Collision on Highway- $500,000 Settlement

A car passenger suffered severe injuries when her car was struck by two other vehicles on Interstate 80 in Totowa, New Jersey. The client’s car was traveling westbound when it was rear-ended, causing it to lose control and collide with the median divider. Her car bounced back into the roadway and was hit again by another vehicle. Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. Partner Garry R. Salomon filed suit in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County, proved that the drivers were negligent in failing to safely operate their vehicles, and won the client a $500,000 settlement.

The client injured her entire right side, including her ribs, liver, lung, and left pelvis. She was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey, where she was diagnosed with pelvis and rib fractures, right pneumothorax fracture, acute vertical fracture of the left sacrum, sacrum hematoma, pleural effusion, lumbar and cervical disc herniations, closed head injury with brain contusion, as well as liver lacerations, and bruises and contusions on her entire right side. The injured woman was admitted to the intensive care unit and received treatment until her condition stabilized. Our client also completed courses of physical therapy to improve her condition.

Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. retained medical experts to author narrative reports proving the permanent nature of the client’s injuries. The expert reports helped Partner Garry R. Salomon win the client a settlement for her injuries, loss in income, pain and suffering.

Settlements are often limited by the total available insurance coverage. Insurance company adjusters and their lawyers often defend cases by claiming that a client was negligent and could have avoided being injured by arguing comparative negligence on the part of an injured client; or that their pain and suffering was caused by pre-existing medical conditions or prior injuries. Despite those defenses, the Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, PC lawyers won their client’s injury claim. Each client’s case is unique. Results may differ because of different facts, circumstances and available insurance coverage.


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Medical Glossary:

Brain Contusion: A bruise on the brain’s surface, usually caused by a direct impact to the head, resulting in temporary brain dysfunction.

Bruises: Darkened areas on the skin caused by broken blood vessels under the surface, resulting from impact or injury.

Closed Head Injury: A type of head injury where the skull remains intact, but the brain may still be injured due to impact or sudden movements.

Contusions: Bruises that appear on the skin when small blood vessels are damaged due to a direct blow or impact.

Disc Herniations: When a spinal disc’s inner material pushes through its outer layer, often causing pain or numbness due to nerve compression.

Fractures: Breaks in bones that can range from small cracks to complete breaks, often caused by falls or accidents.

Liver Laceration: A tear or cut in the liver, usually resulting from a significant impact to the abdomen.

Pleural Effusion: An accumulation of fluid between the layers lining the lungs, which can cause breathing difficulties and chest pain.

Right Pneumothorax Fracture: A break in the ribs on the right side, leading to a collection of air in the space between the lung and chest wall.

Sacrum Hematoma: A collection of blood in the sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine), often resulting from injury or trauma.

Acute Vertical Fracture of the Left Sacrum: A sudden and severe break in the left sacrum bone, which can cause pain and limit mobility.