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The personal injury law firm of Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. has assisted victims of drunk driving accidents throughout New York since 1981. Our drunk driving accident attorneys, many of whom are Certified as Civil Trial Attorneys, have a successful track record of getting results for those who have been injured by the negligence of others. We not only have the resources to develop a strong case, but we also have first-hand experience of dealing with the repercussions of an intoxicated driver.

Steven Benvenisti, Esq., a lawyer and partner at Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C., understands the impact of being injured at the hands of a drunk driver. While a senior in college, Steven was struck by a drunk driver and suffered devastating orthopedic injuries, as well as a traumatic brain injury, and was left in a coma for weeks. Doctors asked his parents to consent to his organ donation, but they refused.

Steven eventually awoke from the coma and went on to make a full and complete recovery. He pledged to dedicate his life to fighting for those who have been injured and harmed by a drunk driver. Steven volunteers much of his time to giving motivational talks to high school and college students, as well as trauma doctors throughout the world, about the importance of drinking responsibly. He serves as a Board Member at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Through determined legal representation and boundless compassion, our attorneys have obtained more than $500 million in settlements and jury awards for our clients who were struggling after serious injuries. Our team of lawyers, licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey, have experience handling high-profile and complex issues and will be able to explain your options for recovering compensation from the drunk driver’s insurance company to cover your medical bills and other losses. We have the experience and commitment to help you pursue full compensation for your injuries suffered in a drunk driving accident.

Founding partner Marc Saperstein grew up in Upper Manhattan before moving to New Jersey at the age of 12, where he met Sam Davis and Garry Salomon while attending the Bergenfield-Dumont Jewish Community Center. They went on to establish the firm’s main office in Teaneck, New Jersey, right over the George Washington Bridge.

Ready to take the first step? Our New York drunk driving injury lawyers are available to give you a free and confidential review of your DUI injury claim. Call us now at 1-800-LAW-2000 or contact us online. An experienced New York attorney will meet with you, review the details of the accident and explain your legal options free of charge and without obligation. If your injuries have limited your mobility, we can meet you at your home or another location convenient to you.

How Our New York Lawyers Assist Drunk Driving Accident Victims

In New York, any injury or fatal accident caused by a drunk driver is an avoidable accident, caused carelessly by the driver’s reckless decision to drink and drive or by a negligent bar owner that over-served a customer or liquor store that sold alcohol to a minor.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, or anywhere in the New York City area, your best option is to consult an experienced New York drunk driving accident attorney. It is crucial to contact a knowledgeable DWI injury lawyer if the accident caused serious or fatal injuries.

Often, time is of the essence since investigations need to be started to determine if a restaurant, bar, sports arena, nightclub, tavern, or individual overserved them with alcohol or served or sold alcohol to a minor.

A study by the Insurance Research Council said that, on average, auto accident victims receive more than three times as much in compensation when they are represented by a personal injury lawyer. A successful team of lawyers will prosecute a civil claim with the drunk driver’s insurance company or provide a statement to an insurance adjuster. The insurance company will look for ways to deny your claim or make it disappear as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Only a DWI injury lawyer will look out for your rights after a drunk driving accident and fight to prevent an insurance company from taking advantage of you. To be clear, our attorneys hold the drunk driver responsible, not to be confused with a DUI lawyer that defends a drunk driver from penalties or having their license taken away. Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C. has pledged never to represent any person charged with DUI or DWI.

Our New York Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers Understand the Trauma Drunk Drivers Cause

Davis, Saperstein & Salomon P.C. Founding Partner Samuel Davis has represented many individuals and families whose lives have been affected by drinking and driving. Several years ago, he fought on behalf of a father who tragically lost his wife and young child to a drunk driver, who was overserved at a venue. The man was awarded over $1 million.

Our injury attorneys move quickly to bring lawsuits against drunk drivers and their insurance companies to recover compensation for the physical and emotional harm they cause.

Here are some of the ways that our New York drunk driving victim lawyers will work for you:

  • Conduct a careful investigation of the drunk driving accident to identify all the responsible parties. A tavern or bar may have continued serving drinks to the driver after he or she was obviously intoxicated and be partly responsible as well. The legal term for this kind of case is called a dram shop case.
  • Calculate the extent of your losses including doctor and hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and other related expenses. We may consult doctors and financial planners if you are expected to have future medical expenses or effects from the accident.
  • Build a solid case and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and handle all the paperwork.
  • Keep track of all filing deadlines and notice requirements to preserve your legal rights to bring a lawsuit.
  • Pursue justice for you in court if the insurer refused to agree to a fair settlement. Insurance companies know our reputation as trial attorneys, so we are successful in reaching settlements in most cases, without a trial.
  • If warranted, seek punitive damages.

Reasons Why Davis, Saperstein & Salomon, P.C. Should be Your New York Drunk Driving Crash Lawyers

1. You deserve individual attention and respect because you are The Client—not a case number or file.
2. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are only paid if we obtain a settlement or jury verdict for you.
3. We have more than 40 years of experience serving injured individuals.
4. We have fought and stood up to all the major insurance companies.
5. We serve clients in all the New York Boroughs.
6. We have more than 28 experienced personal injury lawyers representing only accident victims.
7. We have recovered more than $500 million through the years for our clients.
8. We have more than 25 cases with recoveries of $1 million or more.
9. We have helped more than 30,000 injured people and their families.
10. Our consultations and second opinions about your issue are free and confidential.
11. Our on-staff doctor is available to review your legal medical issues.
12 We hire investigators to document your losses caused by the drunk driver.
13. We have a highly trained staff to answer your questions.
14. Our staff is multilingual, speaking twelve different languages.
15. We have more than 10 convenient locations to meet you and review your case.
16. We can meet at your home or hospital if your injury limits your mobility.
17. We have been accredited by all the major rating organizations including the Better Business Bureau.
18. Our respected partners have taught, published articles and shared their knowledge with other attorneys in legal seminars.
19. We go to court and present your case to a New York jury to demand justice you deserve.
20. We care about the communities we serve by giving back to them, and we advocate for fairer consumer laws to make society safer for people.

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