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Taxi Cab Accidents Pose Real and Unique Dangers

A short article in the New York Daily News this week points out the importance of buckling up when riding in cabs. While the old advice seems common sense, too many people simply hop in a cab with no thought as to the unique dangers faced in these automobiles. Like many others, Jane Lee took her safety for granted when she rode in a cab to dinner one night a few months ago.

Lee, 29, was seriously injured when the cab she was riding in crashed. She, like many other New Yorkers, never bothered to use the safety belt in cabs, taking it for granted that she would be perfectly safe.

According to the news article, Lee’s driver ran a red light, crashing into another cab that was making a left turn at the intersection of 59th Street and Park Avenue. Both Lee and her friend, who was also in the vehicle, were slammed into the plastic partition, blocking the back seat passengers from the front seat cab driver. Both were seriously hurt.

Lee required 50 stitches to sew up significant lacerations on her face. She had a broken nose and deep cuts across her face and eyelid. Her friend fared even worse, spending time in intensive care for three nights with bleeding on the brain.

Such NY car accident injuries are more common than many people think. Few people buckle up when getting in cabs. They assume their cabbie will get them to their destination safely, and simply sit back to enjoy the ride. But, when taxi accidents happen—and they often do—the passengers in the back are often the most severely injured.

The plastic partitions in taxis are unforgiving, as are the bolts holding them in place and the credit card machines. All of these are added after safety inspections, meaning there are no real regulations implemented on them.

All car accidents have the potential to be horribly tragic. Taking simple steps like buckling your safety belt can quite literally save your life. But, when you are the victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, the injuries can be severe whether you were wearing a seat belt or not.

Though they may be professional drivers, cab drivers aren’t always the safest.

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