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What’s Causing the Pain in MoM Hip Implants?

Technorati code: KSEABRWTVXQQ Thousands of people received metal hip implants, and a good percentage of them experienced or are still experiencing unexplained pain after the fact. The pain and related complications have required many to get the implant removed and replaced. But, what exactly is causing the pain of metal-on-metal hip implants?

Researchers say the pain is likely due to tissue damage surrounding metal hip implants. In their study, presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, researchers looked at 50 patients who had received the MoM hip implants. All 50 sought further treatment due to unexplained pain. The 50 MoM patients were compared with 48 others without MoM implants as a control.

The study attempted to clarify whether the damage was caused by the wearing of the implant or because of tissue damage surrounding it.

Using MRI testing, the researchers analyzed pain levels and compared them with the presence of metal deposits, scarring, joint thickening, and concentration of fluid in the joint.

“High-grade tissue damage was found in 10 times as many patients in the unexplained pain group compared to the control group,” according to DailyRx. In addition, synovial thickness was more pronounced and synovial fluid was greater than in the control group. Increased thickness and fluid can be signs of a serious reaction.

The researchers believe that tissue damage is the direct cause of unexplained pain in those with MoM hip implants, more so than wear of the actual implant. In other words, the implant is damaging the surrounding tissue and it’s these live tissues that are causing the sometimes unbearable pain experienced by implant recipients.

Dr. Douglas E. Padgett of the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York says that early detection is key in preventing further painful complications. “Hip implant patients with unexplained pain should be followed closely by their surgeon… Early identification of patients with unexplained pain is vital to avoid significant tissue damage.”

If you’ve received a metal hip implant and are experiencing complications like revision surgery, you could be entitled to compensation. Right now, people are suing implant manufacturers for providing a dangerous product.

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