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Another Major Bus Accident Injures Dozens

Another serious bus accident happened this weekend, and although it happened in Boston, it has lessons for people across the country.

According to MyFoxNY.com, the bus was carrying high school students from a tour of Harvard University back to their home in the Philadelphia area when the accident occurred. Fortunately, no one was killed, though as many as 35 people were reported injured.

The bus driver was navigating the tricky roads surrounding the Boston area. He reportedly glanced down at his GPS and, when he looked back up, he couldn’t stop in time to avoid hitting a bridge.

The bridge, on Soldier’s Field Road, had a 10-foot height limit. The bus was obviously over this limit. Officials say the road is marked, warning of the bridge with signs “all over the place.” It isn’t clear how the driver missed the signs, but law enforcement says he will likely be cited for an over-height violation.

The bus belongs to Calvary Coach, a charter bus company. The company doesn’t have any crash reports or records of complaints over the past two years, either with federal officials or Pennsylvania state records.

With nearly three dozen injured, many say it’s a blessing someone wasn’t killed. One passenger was in critical condition, four were listed as stable, and one more was in serious condition. It’s believed the rest were treated at the scene or treated and released.

The bus full of students was on its way home after a day touring Harvard and having fun in Boston. The adventure was cut short by the accident, however, and many passengers were trapped on the bus for more than an hour.

As the bus tried to pass under the bridge, the roof crumpled and glass was blown out. The fire department removed many people from the roof, using boards to stabilize the most seriously injured.

Bus accidents have the potential to turn very ugly. When traveling with such a large group of people, an accident can send numerous people to the hospital.

This accident bears striking similarities to one in upstate New York that occurred in 2010 when a bus driver missed his exit and continued on a road with similar height restrictions. When he hit the overpass, four people were killed.

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